Artisan Cannabis

Since 2015 our team of Cannabis professionals have been lovingly harvesting and handcrafting high grade Cannabis products. We now have 3 brands with a wide array of quality products to choose from, there is something for everyone!

We craft Cannabis with a purpose, the authentic way. Using time-honored techniques combined with creative advances in technology we bring you a consistent, potent product.

Relax, it's legal!

premium cannabis sustainably farmed in beautiful tacoma, Washington

Keeping the good stuff inside

Our cannabis oil in carefully made in a way which retains the natural flavors and terpenes present in our amazing Cannabis strains. We don't put any additives or flavors in our oil, as we believe in letting quality Cannabis shine brightly on it's own.

Working with nature, not against it

Utilizing sustainable growing practices, our state-of-the-art indoor growing facility mimics nature as closely as possible to produce pure, unadulterated herb that is both potent and satisfying.

Consistent supply of quality strains

We focus on what matters most, quality Cannabis strains and building strong relationships within the community. Our hardworking team of Cannabis professionals is ready to meet the growing demands of the industry around the clock.

Come smoke the finest.

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