Agro Couture


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Top shelf flower grown, dried and cured the slow, artisan way for ultimate flavor and freshness. All tested by a 3rd party laboratory for safety, purity, and potency. Free from harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides! We keep our cannabis natural and pure, just the way Earth intended. Our well know strains are available in multiple different sizes.

Live Resin

picture of indica live resin  picture of hybrid live resin  picture of sativa live resin
We turned our premium strains into live resin. Made using "live," or fresh, cannabis flower, as opposed to dried flower, live resin retains the plant's naturally occurring chemical profile. It's rich in terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds.

Live Resin Ceramic Cartridges

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Live Resin Cartridges made with our potent in-house Live Resin concentrates. No additives, flavors, or fillers added ever, just potent high terpene extract. What is high terpene extract? It all starts with our phenomenal Live Resin extraction, we take our finest batches and slow-cure them in our vacuum oven for over 1 month until the THCA Diamonds separate from our High Terpene Extract. The end result is a naturally flavorful cartridge that tastes great!


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Our top shelf flower, just in coinvent pre-rolls! Available in one gram 1 packs and half gram 2 & 10 packs.

Blunt Cones

picture of blunts
Our Blunts Cones are potent, slow-burning, and taste delicious. Packed generously with freshly ground top buds from quality indoor cannabis flower.

Diamond Stix Joint & Diamond Stix Blunt Cone

Combo picture of diamond stix joints and blunts
Our Diamond Stix are made using premium top buds which we freshly grind, then carefully infuse with our potent in-house Diamonds. With these being available in rice papers and blunt cones for your smoking pleasure, there is something for everyone.

THC Drinks

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These 100mg THC lemonades provide customers with a delicious way to consume cannabis. Made with quality distillate containing zero impurities and residual solvents. Our production utilizes nanotechnology to increase the bio-availability of our cannabinoids. Made with organic cane sugar, our lemonades are vegan-friendly and better for the environment.
Available in the following flavors:
Country Lemonade
Pink Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Peach Lemonade
Tropical Lemonade
Blue Raspberry Lemonade
Sour Grape Lemonade
Orange Vanilla Float
Root Beer Float