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Dab Star Logo
Dabstars began as a movement in the Seattle area recognizing exceptional people, businesses, and products in the cannabis industry. They are a social media mogul in the cannabis industry and travel the world attending the hottest cannabis events. Jonah Tacoma, Dabstar owner, leads the way in cannabis influencers.
Dab Star Product Lineup
Only the highest quality of cannabis products can bear the Dabstar name. We proudly are the exclusive producer of Dabstar products in the state of Washington. We offer the finest concentrates and indoor flower for the whole lineup of this premium brand.
Keep a look out for all the Dabstar products:
Infused Dab Stix
Triple Infused Pre-Rolls
Sugar Wax
Moon Rocks
Dab Star Infused Joints  Dab Star Buds
Agro Mechanix Logo
Agro Mechanix Product Lineup
Agro Mechanix is our sister brand to Slab Mechanix, the only difference is Agro Mechanix products just contain our great indoor flower.
Our micro-bud pack options allow you to have a few pre-roll joints while preparing the popcorn buds. With a small (11 grams of flower and three 1 gram pre-rolls) and large (23 grams of flower and five 1 gram pre-rolls) option, they are a great way to stock up on our flower.
Half gram joints are available in 2 & 10 packs. One gram joints are available singular and in 3, 5, & 7 packs. Varying joint pack sizes makes it that more convenient to enjoy our joints.


Agro Micro-bud Packs  Agro Mechanix Joints

Agro Joint Packs  Agro Joint Packs


Green Envy Logo

Green Envy is our budget friendly brand. We wanted to provide customers and stores with great sugar wax concentrates and infused pre-rolls and pre-roll packs at an affordable price.

Green Envy Lineup

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