Slab Mechanix


Our premium already known strains, just in smaller buds.

Nug-Run Sugar Wax

Considering nug-run batches are made exclusively with nugs or buds and not shake or trim, our extracts are higher quality.

Diamond Stix

Is a classic joint maybe not enough for you anymore? Well our Diamond Stix, internally infused joints, contain our already great flower then combined with our sugar wax.
indica sugar stix  hybrid sugar stix  sativa sugar stix

Double Infused Joints

Our Double Infused Joints are just like our internally infused joints, but we go one step further. Not only is there sugar wax mixed into the joint, but then they are then dipped in oil and rolled in kief.

Flavored Distillate Cartridges

Make sure to try our convenient on the go distillate cartridges. Available in tons of flavors, so make sure you try them all out and find your favorite!
Made with our high quality Slab Mechanix oil, high in THC and full of flavor! Every batch is always 3rd party tested for safety, purity, and efficacy.
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